Sedation Dentistry for Children

When is sedation used?

Sedation is used in several circumstances.  Firstly, very young children are often unable to keep still long enough for the dentist to perform high-precision procedures safely.  Sedation makes the visit less stressful for both children and adults and vastly reduces the risk of injury.  Secondly, some children struggle to manage anxiety during dental appointments.  Sedation helps them to relax, cope, and feel happier about treatment.  Thirdly, sedation is particularly useful for children with special needs. Special patients often have limited cooperation and communication skills making dental procedures quite challenging.  

Examples of when general anesthesia is used:

  • A procedure cannot otherwise be performed safely.
  • The child has a condition which limits cooperation or the ability to follow instructions.
  • The child needs a lengthy treatment.
  • The child needs more complex dental treatment or oral surgery.

To ensure the highest standards of service, the office uses a anesthesiologist to best meet your anesthesia needs.

If you have questions or concerns about sedation techniques, please contact our practice.